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 DC TO DAYLIGHT: Xmas Murder '74 (2003)

Cheap therapy for your problem inner child.
The debut CD from DC to Daylight, featuring "Like a man", "My way to hell" and "Just a joke".

5-song CD$6.00BUY IT!

Pre-release buzz
"4.5 stars out of 5. Instantly likeable. It just grooves. It's raw, but just cool." - Band Radio
"Put a little grunge in your day. Channeling Kurt and doing it well!" - CBC TV/Radio (Canada)

Track Listing
1. Just a joke (3:48)
2. Like a man (2:30) - includes video
3. I hate everybody (4:05)
4. Intermission (0:08)
5. My way to hell (3:51) - includes video
6. Brand new satellite (4:43)

This is a multi-media CD. While it plays like a normal CD in your CD player, if you put it into your computer, you will find the videos for Like a Man and My Way to Hell, as well as some cool bonus material. All of this for $5!

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