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  JUNE 2014

Neel Daniel has released his second solo effort, called "Gemini". You can buy a digital download of this record from his BandCamp site, and can pre-order the CDs there too (which entitles you to a digital download as well). The record will be hitting iTunes and the rest of the digital networks in the middle of June. If you are on Facebook, please check out Neel's Facebook page.

You can listen to the entire record right here:

The Jasmine Dragons have released their debut EP "New Electric Dream". You can buy a digital download of this record from their BandCamp site, and can pre-order the CDs there too (which entitles you to a digital download as well). The record will be hitting iTunes and the rest of the digital networks in the middle of June. Be sure to "Like" them over on Facebook.

You can listen to the entire record right here:

  MAY 2014

Hard to believe it's been four years since we last announced a release on Urban Cheese Records. Believe it or not, we've been pretty busy with a lot of different projects, just nothing that was getting released through Urban Cheese. This is all about to change. We have two exciting releases coming up: Neel Daniel's "Gemini" (which will release on Eripsa records), and "New Electric Dream" by The Jasmine Dragons. Recording and mixing is done on both projects. Neel's record has a June 12th release date; the Jasmine Dragons record will release sometime in late June - we'll post an update as soon as we lock the date.

  MAY 2010

Neel Daniel's "Blue Eyed Monkey" CD is now available for sale at our web store, for $9.99 plus shipping. We use Paypal, so you can pay with a credit card or with your Paypal account. The CD has bonus content, including the music video for Beautiful, as well as some music that Neel has done with other bands over the last few years.

In a few weeks, "Blue Eyed Monkey" will be available in the digital networks like iTunes and Amazon -- so if you prefer to go all digital, please check back in a few weeks and we'll have details on how to get the MP3 versions.

  MARCH 2010

We have just finished developing a new CD from Neel Daniel, called Blue Eyed Monkey. Neel has been part of the Urban Cheese Records family since the beginning (he was in Blockhead, Cocktail Revs and Dyslextasy). We are really excited that he's finally decided to do a record of his own material. He is backed by Pete Glase on drums and percussion, and Pat Stirrat on keyboards. The record was engineered by all three, and co-produced by Pat and Neel.

The record will be mastered by Mark Guenther (Seattle Disc Mastering), and will be released in April. Neel will post some of the mastered tracks over at his Myspace and Facebook pages.



Dyslextasy has just finished a new full-length CD, called "We Will Not Be Afraid". We will release the CD in February, although we will be making pre-release copies available in January. You can hear several songs from the new CD over on the band's website. This is a great follow-up to their "Live. Die. Repeat." EP.

The band is playing a CD Release Show on Friday, January 23rd at Jules Maes Saloon in Seattle.

  MARCH 2008

We have finalized the lineup for the 10 Year Anniversary Showcase Show + Dyslextasy CD Release Party. This show is on April 18th at Jules Maes Saloon in Seattle:

The Cocktail Revisionists
dyslextasy <-- CD Release!
The Runs <-- from San Jose, CA!
Blockhead <-- reunion show!
The Liquid Now

The music starts around 8:30pm. You should get there early to have a few cocktails before things get rolling! There is a $5 cover charge.

Things continue to go very well for our newest release (dyslextasy's "Live. Die. Repeat.")
Here are a few highlights:

"A bug in a jar" has been the #1 song on IACMusic.com for 4 of the last 5 weeks, and is currently in the #1 position.

In January, Mike Cameo's Indies Top 10 selected "Last Call" as a featured song for their monthly podcast.

In December, Deejay WaR over at SongPlanet.com selected "Last Call" as his best song of the month. Several of dyslextasy's songs are charting pretty consistently over at SongPlanet.

On March 11, the US vs THEM blog picked dyslextasy as one of their "Best Actual Seattle Band Names" of 2008.

And one of the more interesting things is that "Live. Die. Repeat." was pirated over in Spain, within 3 weeks of its release! As much as we don't like piracy, that was a nice compliment as well.


Mark your calendars: On April 18th we are holding a Label Showcase Show, that will celebrate Urban Cheese's 10 Year Anniversary as well as the release of dyslextasy's CD, Live. Die. Repeat.

The show is at Jules Maes Saloon in Seattle. Festivities start around 9:00pm. More details will be posted soon! It will be a fun lineup. Confirmed (so far) are The Rivertubes, The Cocktail Revisionists, and dyslextasy. We're working on a couple surprises as well.

dyslextasy's Live. Die. Repeat. is now available on iTunes.

  JANUARY 2008

Live. Die. Repeat. is now released!
You can now buy dyslextasy's killer debut CD. Just head over to the Urban Cheese Records store, or follow the link below to buy directly from the band. Tell your friends!


"Live. Die. Repeat." by DYSLEXTASY
dyslextasy has just finished recording their debut EP, called "Live. Die. Repeat." We are on track to release this brilliant debut record in January. You can listen to some of the demos right here:



Introducing DYSLEXTASY
Urban Cheese Records is happy announce the formation of dyslextasy, a high-adrenaline rock band from Seattle. We will release an EP by this band sometime in the early part of next year.

For more information go to the dyslextasy website.

  JANUARY 2007

"I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees."

Scott Free from The Runs with Harry Dean Stanton

  JUNE 2006

Seattle-area stores carrying This is My Happy Face
This is My Happy Face, the new CD by The Cocktail Revisionists, is now available at all three Seattle-area Silver Platters stores, and also at the Easy Street Records on Mercer. Please support these great local record stores.

  MAY 2006

New reviews for This is My Happy Face
"After listening to this album, individuals will have little in the way of options than to pick up the album. See it for yourself; pick up a copy of This Is My Happy Face."
-- James McQuiston, NeuFutur

"Intoxicating modern rock with a dash of '60s pop styling."
-- Ben Hunter, Askew Reviews

"...There's a good mix here. It's a nice combination of sounds. Good for any mood. I dare say, something for everyone ... I think you'll have fun with this one."
-- Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds

Brent Daniel & Eripsa Records
In late 2005, Neel Daniel (of the Cocktail Revisionists) launched Eripsa Records. Eripsa recently released "Thank You, Good Night", the latest solo release from Neel's brother Brent Daniel. This is an outstanding record -- highly recommended.

  MARCH 2006

This is My Happy Face, the new CD from The Cocktail Revisionists is now in stock at the Urban Cheese Records webstore. Only $10 plus shipping.


Our favorite San Jose punks will be on Stanford University's KZSU 90.1FM on March 29th at 8:00pm. If you don't live in the Bay Area, you can listen over the Internet at from KZSU's website.

The Runs are playing a lot of shows these days, check out their MySpace page for upcoming shows. Also, the rumors that Scott is dating Jonny Manak are just not true, so stop all the e-mails, please.

Speaking of MySpace, the Cocktail Revs now have a page over there. Go visit myspace.com/cocktailrev and check it out. Thanks to Skat for the tip. (And those hot nights in SF last summer too.)

The new CD from The Cocktail Revisionists, This is my happy face, is currently at the manufacturer. We should get them in stock towards the end of the month. Online sales of Happy Face will start on 2/26 here at the Urban Cheese webstore, and also on The Cocktail Revisionists' website. Soon afterwards, the CD will be available at CDBaby.com and also a bunch of record stores around Seattle. The band is lining up gigs around Seattle to promote the new CD. You can hear some of the new songs over on their MySpace page.

STEVEN R. BROOKS - King of Mice/Gasoline
King of Mice (aka Steven R. Brooks) have a new CD in the works, which will be called Gasoline. Pre-production is supposed to start later this month, and the disc should be done in late summer.

  JANUARY 2006

After a short hiatus, the Cocktail Revisionists are back in action: we will release their 3rd CD next month, called This is My Happy Face. Clocking in with 13 original alt rock/pop gems, this record shows the Cocktail Rev's operating on a new level. Adding to the chemistry of core members Leslie, Patrick, Neel & Brian, the band invited several Seattle-area musicians into the studio during the recording sessions. Featuring notable performances by Michael T. Kirby (organ, piano), Amy Windus (cello), Clark Fredricksen (trumpet), Steven R. Brooks (guitar, vocals) and Cocktail Rev alum Pete Glase (drums, percussion), This is My Happy Face is both eclectic and accessible, tied together by the band's efficient, hook-laden songwriting.

On track for a February 26th release, this CD will be $10 and will be available here at the Urban Cheese Records on-line store, as well as CDBaby.com, iTunes, as well as some local record stores around the Seattle area. If you are on our mailing list we will notify you as soon as it is available, and let you know how you can get your own copy. On January 15th, we will release a preview song download to the web -- we'll send those details to the mailing list.

The band also plans to play some shows in Seattle to support the release. Stay tuned for details.


Save CBGB's
Patrick at CBGB's in September 2005 Just got back from a trip to NYC, got to see CBGB's before it is gone. Visit the Save CBGB Website for information on what's going on with the club and see how you can help.

"Runs on Tour"
The Runs have confirmed the dates and venues of their West Coast tour with Armitage Shanks:

Oct 21 - San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
Oct 22 - Sacramento, CA @ The Disterilly
Oct 24 - San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room
Oct 26 - Portland, OR @ Towne Lounge
Oct 27 - Seattle, WA @ The Funhouse
Oct 28 - Vancouver, BC @ The Railway
Oct 29 - Portland, OR @ Slabtown

  AUGUST 2005

"You've got the Runs!"
Our favorite San Jose punks have just released their debut CD, Wet Sounds, and we couldn't be happier! To support the release of Wet Sounds, The Runs are going on a West Coast tour that includes dates in California, Oregon and Washington. They will be touring with UK punks Armitage Shanks, who are making their second trip to the US to tour with The Runs.

The tour will be in late October. Dates & venues will be posted soon.

You can buy Wet Sounds at the Urban Cheese Store, and also at CDBaby and InterPunk.

  JULY 2005

An update on those rumors about the next Cocktail Revisionists CD: Yep, they are actually going to finish this record some time this fall. We hope to have it in stores in time for the holidays. We've heard the early mixes, and it sounds really good. Of course, we have to say that it sounds good. But we're serious: it's going to be a great record.

"Compelling doesn't even begin to tell the story."
-- Aiding & Abetting (Durham, NC)

Praise for DC to Daylight's debut CD, Xmas Murder '74